The 15 categories of the European Festival Awards are decided by a combination of public vote and our Jury Club.

Best Small Festival
What these intimate events lack in scope they compensate for with an abundance of idiosyncrasies and grass roots appeal. Despite their minimal capacity, many of these cater to their audiences with such focus and peculiar charm that larger events may seem bland in comparison.

Best Medium-Sized Festival

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With a tendency to shy away from big names and shift the focus towards specific genres and unique non-musical experiences, the rising popularity of these events demonstrates that unpredictability and character pay off. Who will pick up the prize this year?

Best Major Festival

Like temporary cities, the largest festivals are a regular pilgrimage and a rite of passage for many. An affront to the adage that less is more, these behemoths certainly have quantity covered when it comes to capacity, stages, acts and practically every other conceivable aspect. But which one will prove to be of the highest quality?

Best New Festival

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Once again, a handful of excellent new events were launched this year, bravely taking on those with established reputations. Bringing fresh ideas, new music and alternative audiences to the festival scene, which one have you already put in your diary for next time?

Best Indoor Festival

Those averse to camping out in the sticks can enjoy these urban events a little more, safe in the knowledge that they’ll be [hopefully] returning to a bed at the end of the night. Sold either on a show-by-show basis, or via an all encompassing wristband, they give people chance to see multiple acts in the comfort of the indoors. Which one had you ditching green fields for the concrete jungle?

Newcomer Of The Year

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It’s not easy being relatively unknown on a festival bill, but it’s a fantastic opportunity to have thousands of people hear your music. With unsigned and relatively unknown acts, or just those who have been working for years with few chart hits on almost every line-up, which was the most promising?

Line-Up of the Year

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Picking the right bill will make or break a festival – no mean feat when there are hundreds of others trying to better you and a decreasing pool of established acts to bid on. Whether it’s about securing the biggest names in the world, putting together special collaborations, or just knowing what the audience wants, our judges are looking for the festival that displayed the most vision when booking acts.

Promoter Of The Year

This Award recognises the festival organiser who has produced an outstanding event, overcome adversity, or truly gone above and beyond the call of duty to pull off something special.

Agent of the Year

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This Award recognises the booking agent who works in a fair and straight way with his artists and promoters, develops new talent and is well respected in the European festival scene. Size doesn’t matter – quality does!

The Brand Activation Award

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Sponsorship is a revenue stream that many festivals now depend on for their very existence. Yet creating an effective brand strategy around festivals that adds, rather than detracts from the experience is an art form in itself. This award celebrates the most creative and well-executed sponsor activity this year.

The Green Operations Award

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Here Yourope and the GO Group jointly recognise the festivals that have made a significant contribution to or achievement towards developing more sustainable events. This may be through practises and systems introduced at their own event(s), through the development of good practices that they have shared with other events, a specific innovation, or through continued improvements over a number of years. The award is judged and awarded by a panel made up of experts not directly linked to any specific festival with the exception that the previous year’s winner will be invited to cast a vote for the following year’s award only.

YES Group H&S Innovation Award

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Launched in 2013, this award recognises innovation in health & safety at music festivals. Many festivals have developed, or are in the process of developing, new ways to enhance health & safety within their crowded spaces. Some go to great efforts to deliver new and exciting products and services, which keep the audience ever safer and reduce the risks within the event environment.  These innovations can inform and positively change public behaviour and also create a safety culture throughout the event industry.

The Take a Stand Award

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The current political and cultural climate can be diplomatically described as ‘challenging.’ Whether it’s kneeling sportsmen in the US or artists like Prophets Of Rage writing about how to “Unf*ck The  World”, there is a new demand for statements and positive action; a movement in line with Yourope’s  ‘Take A Stand’ awareness campaign for civil engagement.  For the first time this year, The European Festival Awards hands out the Take A Stand Award, honouring political and social activities and initiatives by European festivals; recognising those speaking up for peaceful dialogue, humanity, tolerance and mutual understanding.

Award For Excellence And Passion

This relatively new award is dedicated to an individual for outstanding contribution, excellence, passion and dedication for the European festival scene – to a person who has created something bigger than just a festival.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Dedicated to an individual whose personal vision and energy has propelled the entire festival marketplace forward in a dynamic, creative and positive way.